Repetoires, ready to tour

Tuida creates a work in a year or two. In order to complete a work, Tuida goes through workshops, research, and various stages of practice. Tuida is exploring contemporary theater that fundamentally be based on the performer's bodies, objects, and movements, while at the same time creating works such as youth theater, baby theater, and family theater.

The Weight of this Sad Time

Site Specific Performance

King Lear Project in 2016

They anatomize the King Lear text deeply and look into deeply our sad world. This is a contemporary dance, theatre, installation performance. Through the frame of King Lear, what they would find and see? And finally, what what they could tell you?     

Quartet on Pain

Poetic meditational performance 

inspired by Kuthiyattam, metaphoric storytelling of Indian tradition

The story is structured around a dying whale that is trapped in endless suffering because of the words it has said and the suffering of a person who grew up eating the sounds of suffering—Neokson, who wanders looking for the agonizing sounds of pain. The play illustrates a cycle as it shows that suffering, which is evidence of life, becomes sound, that sound later becomes words, and those words again invoke suffering.


Selection at PAMS Choice 2015

Tale of Haruk

Sad and beautiful story of Haruk who has eaten up the whole world. Family theatre for all ages.  

Debuting in 2002, Tale of Haruk won four awards including Best Production at the Seoul Children’s Theatre Awards, and has been invited to festivals in Japan, China, Singapore, Hungary, Australia, Turkey, Russia and Austria. At the 2009 International Theatre Kingfestival in Russia, it won both the Best Production and Young Critics prizes for the first time in the festival’s history.


Selection at PAMS Choice 2006


Baby Drama for 2-4 ages with their parents. Paper performance where all the puppets and props are made of handmade paper. 

premier 2015 in Hwaheon

The story begins when a little girl meets an old women. This old women is a mom of mom of the girl's mom. This grandmom, who is now losing her memory, meets a little girl and returns to the world of children. There are various plays transformation with papers, puppets and masks made of Korean traditional paper. At the end of a long journey where a little girl meets her mom, mom of her mom and mom's mom of her mom again, the audience becomes warmer and closer between her and her child.